Best CRM Software for Non-profit Organizations: Top 5 for 2022

Providing a good customer experience is the key to maintaining your business’s growth and success trajectory. However, as your business expands and your customer base increases, it gets increasingly challenging to manage all of them manually. That’s why we recommend you get a competent customer relationship management software, especially if you are running a non-profit organization on limited resources.


Nonprofit organizations often have more extensive customer relationship management needs, considering the massive number of donations and inquiries they get.


And since we don’t want you to waste your time wandering in the market trying to zero in on the best CRM software for your needs, we have curated a list of the top 10 CRM software for non-profit organizations to simplify and improve customer management and donations, so make sure you read this article until the end.


Our Top Pick for the Best Non-profit CRM Software:

After going through countless CRM tools, we crown Salesforce as the best CRM software for non-profit organizations:


CRM Software For Nonprofits: Top 5

Different businesses have different CRM needs; some need a software to acquire and collect data about their customers, whereas others want one that helps them maintain customer-centric processes like marketing and advertising.


Luckily for you, we have selected different types of CRM tools, giving you a comprehensive list to choose from:

  • Salesforce: Best Nonprofit CRM Software Overall
  • ClearView CRM: Excellent Nonprofit CRM Software
  • Little Green Light: Best Nonprofit CRM Software For Data Security
  • ResultsPlus: Best CRM Nonprofit Software For Customization
  • Lumaverse: Best Nonprofit CRM Software For Easier & Faster Payments


Best CRM Software for Nonprofits: Compared

This is where we dive into the details, including the features, advantages, and disadvantages, of each CRM software listed above, not to forget that we will also touch upon the kind of CRM each software does. So, here is a detailed analysis of all our top 5 CRM tools for non-profit businesses:


  1. Salesforce: Best Nonprofit CRM Software Overall

Salesforce is a highly recommended CRM solution for enterprises and companies the world over. This premium CRM solution helps nonprofits improve productivity and achieve targeted revenues more efficiently. It’s no wonder that thousands of customers, including over 40,000 nonprofits, utilize Salesforce for its unique solutions.


Salesforce CRM nonprofit is a nonprofit cloud software, or essentially an end-to-end platform developed for educational institutions, fundraising organizations, as well as various other types of nonprofit entities to deepen their connections with people, further their reach digitally, and streamline their internal management.


It does this in a number of ways, such as keeping track of people they work with and simplifying program management, fundraising, and technology teams.



Best Features

Here is what we love about Salesforce:


  • Boosts operation efficiency: Salesforce nonprofit CRM significantly increases the operational efficiency of the workforce and is a major reason to use this CRM.
  • Keeps nonprofits more organized: One of the primary advantages of using Salesforce for nonprofits is to eliminate the clutter and develop more actionable tech plans in an organized way. The Salesforce nonprofit cloud is made up of built-in functionalities that assist nonprofits in designing and creating customized workspaces for each and every individual in the organization.
  • Accurate reporting: Every nonprofit must prioritize reporting as it is essential to the effective and productive running of the organization. Therefore, reports must be compiled on programs, fundraising activities, donations, sponsors, seminars, and so on accurately. Whether or not you have accurate reports may impact the outcome of missions. Therefore, Salesforce reporting will increase reliability and accuracy for nonprofits.


  1. ClearView CRM: Best Nonprofit CRM Software Overall

ClearView CRM focuses on managing donations made to non-profit organizations. It is a software designed for fundraisers, meaning the tool perfectly understands all the problems you might face with donation management and caters to them. The tool is also available in a responsive mobile application to help you manage your donations and volunteers on the go.


What Kind of CRM Is It?

Based on the services offered by ClearView CRM, we can confirm that it offers operative and collaborative CRM. Its services can be divided into two categories:


Under operative CRM, it looks after your customers and processes like donation management, event promotion, fundraising tools, etc.

Under collaborative CRM, it gathers data from your performance and converts them into detailed business reports to optimize your organization’s workflow.clearviewCRM


Best Features

Here is what we love about ClearView CRM:

  • Unified Dashboard: ClearView CRM tracks all your fundraising and donation-related activities and highlights the most important information in a unified dashboard to give you a 360-degree view of your organization.
  • Donation Management: All your major donation campaign giveaways and drives can be managed better with ClearView CRM’s donation database.
  • Fundraising Tracking: ClearView CRM not only helps you run fundraisers on multiple channels but also records important data from all those channels to help you evaluate the event’s success.
  • Event Management: Non-profit events often require you to manage ticket sales, registrations, and revenues. If you need a hand to pull off a successful event, try ClearView CRM.



  1. Little Green Light: Best Nonprofit CRM Software For Data Security

Little Green Light is a cloud-based application serving over 8,000 non-profit organizations around the world. The tool believes in mingling flexibility and power to help you unlock your organization’s true potential.


All its features are meant to simplify donation and donor management with minimum investment. You can learn more about the tool and its services through its free product demo.


What Kind of CRM Is It?

Little Green Light usually focuses on operative CRM by simplifying customer-centric processes like donation management, volunteer management, and seamless payments.


However, if you consider its integration with Mailchimp and Constant Contact, it can also offer analytical CRM to capture, segregate and study customer data.


Best Features

Here is what we love about Little Green Light


  • Unlimited Users: Unlike many CRM tools, Little Green Light does not limit the number of users you can invite on board to help you manage your donations.
  • Adequate Integrations: Little Green Light expands its services and area of expertise by allowing you to integrate with other essential business tools like Quickbooks, Stripe, Xapier, etc.
  • Data Back-up & Security: This CRM tool keeps your data 100% secure through powerful encryption and allows you to keep a backup for emergencies.
  • Team Collaboration: Working with a team on Little Green Light is a breeze. You can not only bring everyone on board but can also seamlessly share information.



  1. ResultsPlus: Best CRM Nonprofit Software For Customization

ResultsPlus is one of the few non-profit CRM tools that allow you to research and generate leads, get in touch with prospective donors and convert them into regular donors. Along with that, it also offers other basic CRM features like donation and gift management, data analysis, scheduling, and a fair level of integration

What Kind of CRM Is It?

ResultsPlus is one of the few tools that offer all the four types of CRM: strategic, operative, analytical, and collaborative. It helps you understand user needs and reach out to potential leads, not to mention that it also helps you manage customer-centric processes, analyze customer data, and put it all together to optimize your work better.


Best Features

Here is what we love about ResultsPlus:


  • Scheduling: Use the ResultsPlus calendar to keep a track of your upcoming events and schedule repetitive tasks in a jiffy.
  • Donor Cultivation: Integrate directly with the WealthEngine website to find prospective donors and put them in touch with account managers to improve your chances of landing a donation.
  • Customization: Customize forms, form fields, drop-down menus, and everything you want. This will allow you to run your organization the way you envision it.
  • Data Analysis: Get detailed reports on your event success, incoming donations, or sales. Customize the parameters to highlight what matters most to you.



  1. Lumaverse: Best Nonprofit CRM Software For Easier & Faster Payments

Lumaverse offers a one-stop solution to customer relationship management for non-profit organizations. It offers a suite of tools like SignUp genius, Time Tap, Fundly, or Non-profit easy to simplify processes like event registration, donation management, and customer service. With stellar reviews and experience working with some of the best non-profit organizations in the world, Lumaverse is undoubtedly an excellent option for non-profit organizations looking for a comprehensive CRM software.


What Kind of CRM Is It?

Lumaverse specializes in operative CRM, under which it manages end-to-end processes involved in onboarding a new donor. Some of its best services include donor management, member management, event registration, sign-ups, crowdfunding, etc.


Best Features

Here is what we love about Lumaverse:


  • LumaPay: Lumaverse offers its own payment processing portal powered by Stripe to simplify instant payments with uncompromised security.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Your users can now access your appointment scheduler online 24×7, book their own appointments or cancel any time. Lumaverse also sends out reminders to minimize delays.
  • Volunteer Management: Benefit from the powerful communication and connection builder features to get in touch with your volunteers and manage them better.
  • Easy Sign-up: Use Lumaverse’s Sign-up Genius to create instant signup forms. You can also send automated reminders to get maximum responses.


What Does a CRM Software For Nonprofits Do?

Non-profit organizations need a robust software to manage their relationships with their stakeholders seamlessly. As these organizations take on more projects and have a keen interest in scalability, managing regular chores like engaging interns, retaining volunteers, and acquiring more donors turn out to be a challenging pursuit. At the same time, they need to track their expenses. A CRM software for non-profit organizations comes in handy in all these endeavors.


The best CRM tools for nonprofits come with a central database, making it easy for these organizations to manage their donors, contacts, and supporters. Typically, non-profit organizations use a tool meant specifically for donor management that helps them boost their rapport and connection with potential donors.


CRM softwares for nonprofits come with specialized features to organize the data of donors and identify trends of donor behavior, not to mention that these tools are also capable of giving you valuable recommendations that will boost your chances of receiving more and higher donations in the future.


These tools’ centralized data storage mechanism ensures that you get notified the moment a donation comes in. Also, these tools furnish valuable insights into the donors —  a single dashboard consolidates all the information, enabling non-profit organizations to streamline their operations.


What Are The Advantages Of Using a CRM Software For Non-profits?

Information overflow happens to be a massive hindrance for non-profit organizations. With tons of data coming in, they tend to lose track of the donors. However, a powerful system capable of harvesting this data intelligibly can strengthen their revenues and connections.


Here are some of the strategic benefits of using a CRM software for non-profit organizations:


  1. Automating Tasks

Using a CRM software to automate donor management tasks will leave you with additional man hours, which you can then leverage to increase the productivity of your non-profit organization — you get additional time to work on other concerns.


A CRM software will help you create donor groups, automate systems to update databases whenever new donations come in and integrate the system with emails. This way, you can customize the experience you wish to deliver to your donors.


A solid CRM software for non-profits will also be capable of automating donation receipts. It will track online donation forms and generate receipts automatically using the donation ID.


What’s more, it will also organize the information and donor credentials. Simply put, a CRM software for nonprofits can be a stress and time saver, not to forget that it will also mitigate human errors by completely automating the different processes.


  1. Declutter Information

A non-profit organization typically uses Microsoft Excel to manage its databases containing the names and other credentials of donors. However, using Excel is not recommended, as you might encounter several complications while working on it.


Not only does a CRM software perform better database management than Excel, but it also assures better usability and experience.


Here is why you should be using a CRM management tool and not Microsoft Excel:


You can track the progress of your team during an ongoing project.

CRM tools support real-time updates on assigned tasks.

The staff can generate accurate reports by eliminating manipulated and duplicate data.

Assessing information about donors becomes easy and quick.

Multiple staff members can access and track thousands of contacts at the same time.

Once you declutter information, you gain more accessibility and insight into the data.


  1. Boost Donor Retention

Regardless of the size of your non-profit organization, retaining your donors happen to be a core priority in your fundraising strategy. The last thing you would want is to lose potential or existing donors. Remember, acquiring a new donor is costlier than retaining an existing one.


Therefore, you need professional donor management strategies to engage your donors. This is exactly what a powerful CRM tool is for; it interacts and engages the donors, besides furnishing relevant information the moment they want to learn about something. This timeliness and professionalism go a long way in retaining your donors.


Also, a personalized approach in dealing with the donors and data-backed interactions ensure better donor satisfaction. So, your existing donors would cherish the feeling of being included and informed. Ultimately, this fuels loyalty and helps in retaining donors.


  1. Reporting Becomes Easier

Reporting refers to the process wherein your staff works on data trends and reports in order to enhance their and the organization’s performance. Firstly, the data in these reports need to be accurate. Now, the challenge that nonprofits face is the overflow of information; data pours in from multiple departments and sources. Moreover, this data gets updated regularly.


The automation offered by a CRM software can easily produce the reports in question, pulling in the latest updates from all the possible sources. This weeds off the possibilities of inaccuracies and mistakes in data inputs. So, your board would be equipped with accurate and valuable information, helping them make better decisions.


  1. Better Transparency

A powerful CRM software helps non-profit organizations in improving their communications. Different departments, as well as the donors, remain abreast with the latest updates and developments. This leads to a more transparent operational mechanism in your organization.


Of course, donors would want to enjoy a certain degree of access to information regarding your operations. The transparency a CRM software would tag along will keep them satisfied with your commitment to work as well as towards them. Your donors would also have access to relevant information, which would be accurate courtesy of automation.


Donors are naturally enthusiastic about the progress of the non-profit organization they have given their hard-earned money to. Therefore, it makes sense to have a transparent mechanism that would keep them in the loop.


  1. Task Reminders

It becomes increasingly difficult for a non-profit organization to track its donations as its donor base continues to grow. Have you ever considered sending automated reminders to the donors in case they are late in processing the donations?


A powerful CRM tool makes it easier to manage relationships with donors. A humble nudge from the tool can elicit the desired results — prompt donations.


Moreover, these softwares are capable of furnishing every interaction you had with a particular donor in the past. So, you will have a concrete detail of the last interaction you had with that person, be it via email, phone, or chat. The benefits don’t end here: you can also set up automated calls after receiving the donations to express your gratitude.


  1. Insightful Analytics

Data for a non-profit organization is invaluable. With a feature-packed CRM software, you can harvest this data to find out the most interesting trends. You can also gain actionable insights from these tools, irrespective of whether you want insights on your fundraising pursuits or transactional data. This will significantly help you formulate your strategies and make intelligent decisions.


Furthermore, an adept CRM tool will help you zero in on the most generous donors and those who are not contributing in a way you expected them to. At the same time, you can track the responses to your emails and gain visuals of the overall donor lifecycle. In the process, you will gain access to important aspects that will help you visualize your organization’s success.


  1. Better Efficiency

A CRM software can help you integrate data from multiple sources. Since these tools are available as desktop applications as well as mobile apps, you can access this data from any location.


Moreover, multiple staff within your organization can access this data to ensure better collaboration and efficiency, helping you keep your departmental staff on the same page. This will boost the overall efficiency of your organization. At the same time, your employee morale will skyrocket, as they will have the liberty to perform more tasks in less time, and that too, with a better degree of accuracy.


Conclusion: What is the Best Nonprofit CRM Software?

Irrespective of the size of your nonprofit, having a clear vision of how you want to further your cause will allow you to move ahead with a solid strategy and view. Salesforce is the most reliable and best CRM for nonprofits helping them keep abreast of operational activities by providing real-time and accurate information.